• SUM6086L
    Source LED driver,Separate power supply to the RGB LED, low temperature,save power
    512 Array color pixels single chip high integration LED display driver
    Power management and super power save mode,low temperature
    Higher grayscale depth at lower brightness and true color, excellent color restoration
    Wide brightness range application
    Constant current output accuracy
    LED open detection and report——Built-in silent LED open error detection and can be read
    Elimination”cross line”and”Caterpillar”——Built-in LED open/short Protection
    Good EMC——GCLK multiplier
    Accurate constant current(Max.):
    VDS(V) -0.45V -0.25V
    Pin to Pin(±) 2.5% 3.5%
    Chip to Chip(±) 2.5% 3.5%

    6-bit respective R/G/B global current gain  
    48-Channel by 32-Line array driver(SUM6086L)                      
    by 32 Scanning Array drive(SUM6086N)  
    48Ksram,1~32 multiplexing  
    16~10bit grayscale depth,Eliminate Ghost(Pre/Post)  
    Power save mode when GS=0000h  
    Programmable knee voltage(-0.25/-0.45V)  
    Silent LED open Error Detection  
    LED open/short circuit protection  
    Maximum DCLK&GCLK  
    VDD 5V 4.2V 3.3V
    DCLK&GCLK 30MHz 25MHz 15MHz

    3V~5.5V Supply Voltage,Schmitt trigger input  
    Staggered delay of output  
    FM-PWM/GCLK multiplier,16 times(Max.)
    Constant current output range:
    VDS 5V 3.3V
    -450mV 0.4~16mA 0.4~10mA
    -250mV 0.4~8mA 0.4~5mA

    Line Current:
    VDS(V) 0.45 0.25
    0.4mV 500mA 360mA